EpilodermUK Epilation

I am so proud to announce that I am the North East Educator for the fabulous Epiloderm wax!

I've been after a wax brand to represent for a while and when I was asked to join the fab team at Epiloderm i was delighted!

A patented technique and formula - you will not have seen this before!

It has to be seen to be believed.

What is EPILODERM® ?
A hair removal beauty care product based on a 100% natural pine resin suitable for all body areas.

The advantages which make EPILODERM stand out from other products are:

An immediate peeling effect
A total absence of hair under the skin
A gradual and sustainable reduction of hair

A single wax and spatula application for improved

In conclusion EPILODERM® means
a slower re-growth, softer skin and the guarantee of exceptional results!

It really has to be seen. Any students or clients who fancy a free demo please get in touch - I have brought plenty back with me!

Training dates will be announced shortly

Half Leg Wax Female £20
This includes the knee
Full Leg Female £25
Basic Bikini £18
Leg Crease only
Brazillian £25
leaves the hair inside the labia and inside the crac
Hollywood £30
All the hair in the pubic are will be removed , inside the labia and iside the crac , an option for a triangle or strip on the pubic mound must be asked for
Underarm £10
Full Arm £25
half arm £20
Toes - Nose - basic brow - lip - Nipple £8
or choose 3 for £15